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CBS News recently showed this video of dads getting their first lesson in the art of the ponytail and learning the patience needed to work with their daughters hair. Some dads come to learn how to help out during the morning rush and braid over breakfast. Other dads, such as Travis McArthur, it's a daily dilemma. 

"This is my first time ever," another father and attendee Jonathan Steiner said. Many of the dads said that as they share more duties with their spouses, hair styling was the final frontier. "Love it. Went from not knowing anything to now I can do a ponytail," he said.

Once the dads mastered the ponytail they graduated to hair-braiding and buns. Friedman thought she'd mostly get wives signing up their husbands for the class, but she's been surprised by all of the phone calls and emails she's been getting from dads.

"I think that parents and dads and moms, everyone is just so much more in-tune to the needs of children, to the family ... of being together," Friedman said.

"I like to share, you know, responsibilities," McArthur said. "I don't feel like my wife should have to do a certain task just because society says that's what women have always done."

It's not just a mom thing, he said, but a "parent thing."

"I think it looks really cute," McArthur told his daughter, Jena, as they looked into the mirror.




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